Is Yahoo even worth trying to save?

Yahoo does not have the best technology, nor the best content. Yahoo does not have the best users, nor the most. Yahoo is close to irrelevant on mobile – the future of computing – and has flubbed every effort to be social.

Yahoo is the Detroit of web properties. Once big, once thriving, it helped create a future it can never be part of.

Nice take on Yahoo by Brian S Hall at Techpinions.

Ever since Marissa Mayer took over as CEO at Yahoo, every move they have made is getting levels of attention from the press otherwise reserved only for the reigning giants of the industry, such as Microsoft, Google, and Apple. Startup acquisitions, product relaunches, new products – heck, even a logo redesign – have all been discussed at length by technology media, and received as signs of the stirring of a comatose titan…but why?

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Why Nest really is Google’s new smart home division

The Verge: Where do you and [co-founder] Matt [Rogers] report? What’s your relationship with Google?
Tony Fadell: I report directly to Larry [Page] and Matt reports directly to me.

That information is huge—of Google’s 40,000+ employees, only a special handful directly report to Larry Page. The ones we know of are Alan Eustance, head of Knowledge (Search and Google Now); Sridhar Ramaswamy and Susan Wojcicki, who jointly head Advertising and Commerce; Salar Kamangar, head of YouTube and Video; Sundar Pichai, head of Android, Chrome & Apps; and Vic Gundotra, head of Social (Google+). Numerous reports peg these people as members of the fabled “L Team”—Larry Page’s inner circle. Each person is a Senior Vice President in charge of a major product division at Google, and all are plainly laid out on Google’s Management Team page as “senior management.”

Extremely well thought-out piece by Ron Amadeo on Ars Technica, about why the implications of Google’s Nest acquisition might be a bit larger than most are assuming.

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Alex Guyot’s ultimate guide to Drafts

For those unfamiliar with it, Drafts is one of the most powerful automation apps for iOS. It allows you to input text or URLs and do pretty much anything with it, using URL schemes and the x-callback-URL specification, which was created by the same person who made Drafts, Greg Pierce.

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Revival (Updated)

This blog wasn’t very active in 2013. I made a total of two posts, one of which was a wishlist which was wholly unfulfilled, and the other a total dud prediction.

As I was going through my drafts folder as part of my routine end-of-semester cleaning, I found a ton of, well, drafts in it. While most of them were just a couple paragraphs of observation on some odd matter from here or there, I did find a couple of really nice gems hidden in there. Publishable ones at that, or at least more so than the last one that I did.

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SnappyCam 3.0 and iPhone 5S’ camera (Update 3)

SnappyCam Pro is, as the name suggests, a burst-shooting app, and it recently received a huge 3.0 update.

The app can now take full resolution (8 MP) continuous images at a mind-blowing 20 frames-per-second on the iPhone 5 and 12 frames-per-second on the iPhone 4S. By comparison, the “best shot” mode on the Galaxy S4, manages just 7.5 frames-per-second at full resolution, while the Galaxy S3 does a meagre 3.3 fps at full resolution. According to the developer, SnappyLabs, their app SnappyCam even beats it’s competition on the App Store, by as much as 4 times.

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