John Kirk on ‘Apple Claim Chowder’ over the years

Over the last few days, over at Tech.pinions, John Kirk has been aggregating and documenting various instances across the years of people making completely untrue in retrospect and seemingly insubstantiated – yet assertive as ever proclamations – about practically each and every move Apple has made, and how each of them will be responsible for its forever-imminent downfall (except they weren’t).

Hindsight is always 20/20, of course, but it’s still pretty amazing to see the certainty and unabashed confidence with which people – oftentimes the same people, on multiple occasions years apart – have kept on damning Apple into certain oblivion, year over year.

Here are links to each article of the 7 part series:

Part 1: Introduction
Part 2: Events
Part 3: Killers
Part 4: Cynicism
Part 5: Product
Part 6: Evolutionary Or Revolutionary
Part 7: Business Models

There’s almost exactly three days to go for what is being widely touted as “the” Apple event of our times, and the one that’ll be a defining cornerstone in Tim Cook’s reign as CEO. I highly recommend that you take the time read these pieces in the intervening duration.

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