Improving discovery on the App Store

App Store

Andy Baio, of Upcoming fame, on how Apple could fix the App Store’s discovery problem:

But how we discover apps has stayed virtually the same since its launch: editorial picks, sales charts, and search. We’ve been using the same set of tools to navigate the App Store since 2008 launch.

What worked for 500 apps in 2008 doesn’t work for 1.2 million in 2014.

As I mentioned in my iOS 8 wishlist, I think discovery on the App Store is a terribly complicated and needlessly painful process, and wrote a bit on how user-created lists could help improve that process. Andy provides a more comprehensive look into the workings of such a system.

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My iOS 8 wishlist

iOS 7

Ever since Scott Forstall’s ouster, iOS 7 was touted to be a massive update, perhaps the most significant ever, at least in terms of the interface.

The shake-up resulted in the division of his responsibilities amongst various other Apple SVPs. Eddy Cue got Siri and Maps, and Craig Federighi, who then lead the OS X engineering division, took command of iOS engineering too. The most interesting reassignment, however, was that of the Human Interfaces department to Jony Ive, the revered industrial designer whom Steve Jobs called his “spiritual partner”, thus consolidating Apple’s hardware and software design efforts under one person. This was a truly massive change, one that can potentially define the face of computing for years to come Continue reading “My iOS 8 wishlist”